Key to the Door TOYS project

TOYS (Training Opportunities for Young Parents Scheme) is designed to help and support young parents with everyday issues around parenthood and life skills, to increase self esteem, gain confidence, skills and awareness surrounding every day issues.
The TOYS programme covers many aspects of parenting and offers a learning environment which recognises individual specific needs. One of the values of the course is its informal and positive approach to the young parents.
The TOYS Course offers young parents the opportunity to meet other parents, share experiences and develop confidence and self esteem.The parents build up a portfolio of their learning which can be accredited but more importantly acts as a resource of useful information and contact details enabling parents to be more motivated to share experiences with their peers and professionals. Parents build friendships and reduce isolation helping them achieve their long term goals.
TOYS is able to contribute to countering feelings of isolation, both by bringing young parents together to share experiences but also by providing accessible information and developing the young parents confidence and skills.

TOYS provides an on-site crèche helping pre school children to develope social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional skills. It provides a space for parents to have “me Time” knowing that their young children are being looked after and having fun. This is also effective in improving a range of outcomes for both the young parent and their child(ren). Including parent and child interactions, children’s language development and the young parents’ attitudes towards their child(ren) and how to relate to them. Family members will report being happier and healthier as a result of engaging in locality Drop Ins and family learning provided through TOYS. All of the participants have demonstrated increased self esteem, improved confidence, skills and awareness surrounding every day issues. They have increased parenting skills and are more motivated to support their families.They have enhanced their learning and knowledge and increased presentation skills by creating and producing treasure boxes, portfolios, scrapbooks championing their achievements to others. Parents and children have learned together developing positive play and learning experiences and confidently demonstrating encouragement and praise for good behavior. Participants have increased motivation and progressed onto further learning. All beneficiaries have stated that they are less isolated and have made new friends through accessing TOYS courses and being introduced to relevant agencies. Empowering them to take up further learning and/or employment opportunities. Setting and achieving their long term goals.Parents and children have improved their health and well being.

Bev Taylor
Broadoak & Smallshaw Community centre Broadoak Road Ashton Under Lyne Lancs OL6 8RS
07976 915873
Age range:
Encouraging a positive attitude towards wellbeing,Encouraging positive attitude towards physical health,Encouraging self-care skills,Encouraging confidence through developing new skills,Supporting and developing self-esteem,Increasing social interaction,Widening social networks,Encouraging and supporting team work,Encouraging peer support,Other