Power in your Pocket

Power in your Pocket was a creative collaboration between Cartwheel Arts and community centres and children’s centres across the borough.

Parents and children worked with some talented writers and created a book for their child, filled with words of wisdom, advice, family stories and funny anecdotes.

We also used new technology,  tablets and mobile phones to create art pieces using parents photo’s. You’d be amazed at what you can do with a mobile!   It didn’t matter if spelling was a bit rusty, or hand writing was a little messy, because these sessions were all about ideas, and being creative.

The book will be published at the beginning of March and will be showcased at an event in Rochdale to celebrate with freinds and family.

Sessions were open to mums and dads and creche facilities were available.  Thanks to our hosts! Darnhill Library, Sandbrook Children’s Centre, Deeplish Community Centre, Langley Library

For more information take a look at our blog www.tellusanotherone.org.uk


Danielle Porter
Cartwheel Arts, 110 Manchester Street, Heywood, OL10 1DW
01706 361300
Visual Arts,Performance,Digital Arts,Other
Age range:
Encouraging a positive attitude towards wellbeing,Encouraging confidence through developing new skills,Supporting and developing self-esteem,Increasing social interaction,Widening social networks,Encouraging peer support