What is Wellbeing?

A dictionary definition says: Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.

We believe that cultural and sporting activity can enrich young peoples wellbeing.  From a football club to an art group, activity providers can be champions of wellbeing.

Through our activity, we can build confidence and self esteem through learning new skills, encourage friendships and peer support.  We can provide children and young people with positive role models and and opportunities to practice teamwork, sharing, creativity and imagination

Do.Be. gathers together sportin
g and cultural activity providers across the Rochdale Borough, whose delivery enhances and fosters wellbeing.  Do. Be. will provide a Best Practice programme focussed on wellbeing and produce a directory of organisations which families, children and young people can self-access or be referred to.


If you can DO then you can BE!


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